What CAN you do?

If you’re on this website I’m going to proceed under the assumption that you have the desire to improve yourself in some manner. Whether that be expanding your business, discovering hacks to improve your daily tasks, or inspiring others to fulfill their potential isn’t relevant to this post. What is relevant is the commonality we all share.

Summon an image in your mind of your mentors. I want to tell you a secret you didn’t know… are you ready?

They’re all flawed. All of them.

“But they’ve automated their lives, and escaped the rat race, and are living their dreams!”

I know. But I don’t care. Each one of them, just like you, and just like myself, is fighting to improve some aspect of their life. This article is dedicated to making difficult decisions.

Paralysis by analysis is a very real and vexing malady. It’s so simple to push aside progress because we aren’t sure. And it’s OK to not be sure. What isn’t OK is to not be sure for an extended period of time and have NOTHING to show for it. The key to fighting this adversary is to stay in a state of discovery. You may not have the resources you need in your life to take that next step forward, and you may feel drained from the leech of uncertainty, but take solace in this next fact. There is always something that can be done and there is always a way to be better than the day before.

When you feel bound by the chains of doubt, and have created every conceivable possibility why you cannot take that next step forward you MUST ask yourself: what CAN I do?

What new subjects are you educating yourself on? What’s your workout routine like? How long did you meditate today?

You have neural pathways that have not yet been created. It’s easy to dismiss these notions because they don’t have direct solutions to our problems. What needs to be understood, however, is that confidence does. And the neural pathways we design via our daily efforts shapes the subconscious. Your creativity and intuitive problem solving skills both manifest themselves in the subconscious mind. Any effort you make to be better will influence those latent thoughts.

I encourage you, I implore you; do what you can. A step in the wrong direction yields 1000x more than a step in no direction. Wake up better tomorrow.

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