Why Are These Trump Accusers Coming Out NOW?
Sara Benincasa

Although I sympathize with your experiences, I take exception with your overall condemnation of men. I am personally traumatized by the accounts of young girls, and women that have been subjected to this type of assault. I can not think of anything more abhorrent than a girl or woman having to cower because of an attack to their person. I have first hand experience with many forms of this as well as a personal experience that I have been empowered to reject. At every instance I have taken the side of the assailed. I have also seen “wolf cries” that have ruined people's lives. So before we condemn people, we better be right. The women that are accusing Trump should be sure they are on high ground. As well a media that did not vilify and in fact looked the other way when Clinton used the office for sexal predatation, best be on their exemplary capabilities to get the stories right as well.

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