I know its been awhile since we’ve been touch in any way (if ever at all) but what you wrote really…
CM Kirby

Glad that the article resonated with you and glad that you are also enjoying the expat life! There are many things I miss about the U.S., namely my family and my friends, college football and skiing.

One of the lessons I didn’t get a chance to include in this article, but that I have learned from living abroad, is that life really is about trade offs and sacrifice, as I am sure you experience being so far from “home”. I give up a lot of things that would be nice to have to live the way I do but that is all just part of life.

I am so interested to hear what you are doing in Dublin! Such a fascinating area to me. You should share you journey and experiences with others, I have been surprised by the amount of connections built on just sharing honest, sometimes ugly parts of my life that end up resonating with people in different places. Would love to read about what you are up to over there.

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