EUROpreneurs, a foreword

In the past 5–10 years Europe has been in the brink of implosion. From terrorist strikes to political upheaval the rising social tension has brought Europeans to what one could call the “Cold Hundred Years’ War”.

Well somebody must do something. Not Merkel, Macron, May, Mighty Marcelo

much less non-Europeans like Trump, anti-Europeans like Putin or non-human fucktards like the North Korean shit for brains.

Somebody, somewhere and somehow along this cozy continent must have joined forces, gathered up some talent and must have come up with stuff genuinely worth clapping our European — and all other — hands for.

This series puts Europe not only through the wall, asking some rough and meaningful questions but also acknowledges its common talent, collective effort and fighting spirit.

Against all odds and contrary to popular belief Europeans can work together and give hands to one another.

These will be tales of European action men and women, from Azores to the Ural Mountains.

I will cap it off using the wise words of a fellow European, someone quite dear to me.

My 7-year-old niece inadvertently summed up what Europe, Europeans and EUROpreneurship should really be about…

“Oh… we lost a bridge…. but we won a giant poooooooooool!”


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