EUROpreneurs, episode 1: Titan Awakens

As we said before, European dudes will be all over this bitch. Hard work, commitment, a will to go mental and then cherish and drink some booze to celebrate.

This is about Titan and how a team of dudes nobody was going to give 2 cents two even if they whistled from their asses actually achieved what nobody else did before or since.

First things first: before we can talk global and Silicon Valley, let’s go back to the 17th century, where a Dutch fellow by the name of Hguyens, a founding member of the Acadèmie Royale des Sciences, pointed a telescope at Saturn and said “what the shit is that moving in front of that ringed business?!”. He might have not said it but it turns out he did find Titan. Thanks Mr. Dutchman.

Titan, larger than Mercury and slightly smaller than Mars, is the only body in the solar system, other than Earth, that may have oceans and rainfall on its surface, albeit oceans and rain of ethane-methane rather than water. Scientists suspect that Titan’s present environment — although colder than minus 289 degrees Fahrenheit, so cold that water ice would be as hard as granite — might be similar to that on Earth billions of years ago, before life began pumping oxygen into the atmosphere.

We did not know any of this until a bunch of other EUROpreneurs came along in the 1990’s and started drafting a plan to drop a probe on that bitch.

In 2005, Titan was no loner a mystery to us all. If you’re wondering what the hell NASA was doing or thinking about this, please refer to some ‘space words’ wrote about this — available on The Cassini-Huygens Visit to Saturn: An Historic Mission to the Ringed Planet — “NASA considered such a mission grandiose, requiring more funding than it was available” and also “felt uneasy about partnering with foreign entities that operated differently”.

Basically they were just being boring when EUROpreneurs were kickin’ ass.

In order to find out more, it’s actually a quite remarkable feat when you think about deep space exploration being supported by basic materials and amazing minds. Please enjoy the ride, it’s so worth it and your European ego will say “merci very much”.