Tech authors and visionaries make me go bonkers

‘you can’t seee meeee!’

So, here’s what you do when something like ‘a new idea’ hits you in the nuts:

  • you pop up a nice one-pager website
  • you don’t necessarily have to register it but that’s a plus
  • share shit on social media
  • wait and see and

that’s pretty much it.

Now, here’s what you do when something like ‘a new idea’ hits you, if your name is Gary Vee or Seth Godin or whatevs:

. you tweet about it

. you wait

. you get paid

‘Natural selection’? Nope. Artificial bullshit thrown in your face because this tech subculture (that is now fingering googletrends in its cornhole) used to be meaningless, boring, geeky, misunderstood and, during the 90s, “kinda dangerous” to the common eye that didn’t care what Nokia to buy next.

Entrepreneurs are a hard bunch and I truly believe some form of ‘nepotism’ (something in Portugal known as ‘C factor’: factor Cunha — attention: not to be mistaken with cunt or cock or whatevs) protects them from mistrust and failure.

Let’s take a quick look to something I learned since working with online businesses (I’m not talking like one of them, I’m being brutally honest): yes, just like they say, you have to fail to come out on top but you don’t have to smell more money while you’re telling about it.

If you go ‘back to basics’, to a time when you were in your ‘poor garage’ with your ‘homeless friend’ — let’s face and say it, entrepreneurship is powered by the elites and it loves to brag about anti-establishment policies — reinventing the PC industry, you were no better than me, you, him or her when we were not thinking about how to change the world in a couple of minutes.

That’s why some regard Jobs as a pure marketer, not a tech wizard or innovative genius. He had a team of great coders and a great designer later in his path to stardom. He failed. He came back. But let’s just agree with the fact that, just as in Banking, Education, Transportation, Healthcare and whatever the industry we’re pointing, he also said tons of bullshit. Some experts support the theory that, without Napster, Jobs could not ever have happened as he did.

But he isn’t here to discuss this. He was different, that’s right. But what about those two I mentioned — I could name 10 or 20 more, really… — are they influencers or true thinkers and visionaries? As I wrote before, none of them are Edisons.

Godin is a marketer and he will die as one. I learned my skills doing my shit, mixing personal with professional briefed writing style and that’s just me. I don’t need no BS from some douche that sells himself as ‘the best there is and ever will be’. The true visionaries stay in the shadow: if you can relate to other artistic creations, that is the norm: Kool Herc for founding hip-hop, Ada Lovelace for founding ‘modern’ code, Linus Torvalds for founding open-source systems and more. Way more.

If I follow these schmucks is because tech articles are based on common sense on top of even more common sense. You sprinkle them with some Kotler basics and the general public — lowly regarded as some pathetic and lower form of intelligence — gets fucked in the eyes and ears.

Gary Vee is an influencer. He is nothing more than that. When he talks about something, that something turns into cheap gold (check Foundr Magazine for example).

Dudes at Foundr somehow claim that they’re the NBT of instagram when, in fact, all they did back in time was… invite Jobs and Vee to do their magazine covers. Well fuck you very much. You can have the idea and the technology. But a fucking face pushes you way further and gets the nods from angel investors and soon-to-be VCs.

So, stay alert for basic mind-numbness powered by future Garys, Seths and whatever their names might be. Whatever they tweet, it will be ad-powered. Whatever they post here, it’s because Silicon Valley is still a hood where friends know friends and they help each other out.

My advice, if I’m even enabled to give you some at this point — just talked about 2 of the ‘Most-Followed-Most-Everything’ on this 2.0 Earth — is to hesitate before you read.

Stuff was said before. Stuff was certainly done before. And they think — they must, come on! — they’re way better than ourselves just because they got brands inside their asses and money in all their pockets.

I’ll cap it off with the simplest of examples:

(Instagram masterclass, not too long ago)

So, are you here to master Instagram, right? Have you ever heard of Gary Vee??!!?!” > followed by General Thoughts on Nothing and Not Very Subjective Product Placement…

What is the difference between THIS aaand

So, you’re here to learn about Logic, right? Does the name of my uncle Georg Cantor ring a fucking bell?!”

And there you go. Beware of some entrepreneurs.

They’re fucking


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