When a founder is “opportunity driven” it’s too easy to quit at the first bump in the road. When a founder is “mission driven” you get the sense that he or she will do whatever it takes to make an impact in the market they serve and will keep persevering whatever the startup trends of the month.
I’m Done Pretending Silicon Valley Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

This is one thing that i start to ask my self and others every time thinking about creating something. In Indonesia mostly people start with idea, idea that comes because they see the opportunity. Not because they see problem and start questioning their self, why that’s happen or how to solve it. Once the idea not proven, they give up, not trying to find other idea that may be will fit.

Opportunity is a matter of time, it come and go. That’s why people say opportunity will not come twice. If you miss it, than probably it will never come back. Different with problem, it’s always there and you need to create opportunity to solve it.

Start ask your self when you want to create something, why do you want to do this?

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