How I Stay Safe: 12 Types of Black folk I Remain Suspect of
Cody Charles

You stated that anyone who attended an HBCU is suspect of practicing respectability politics and not understanding gender and sexuality. Many people who attended HBCUs do fit this description. No argument there. My problem is that you sought to make these problems somehow SPECIFIC to HBCUs when they literally occur within any and all black communities including those formed on PWI campuses. So the question remains. Why were black people at HBCUs critiqued and not black people at PWIs? I mean, those Greek orgs that you feel so strongly about? You know they not just at HBCUs, right? Also, you do understand that a critical mass of HBCU students are from low income backgrounds and overwhelmingly get those student loans that you deem so necessary for blackness, right? Nuance, sis. Nuance. Less feelings. More actually looking at the make up of the institutions that you wanna be critical of. I’m not asking you to critique white folks. I’m asking you why your critique of collegiate blacks is limited to those at HBCUs.

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