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For many developers, a keyboard is a tool that you use to improve your productivity. But we disagree because it is far more than that. We believe a real mobile keyboard application is a great assistant who can break up the language barriers, who can help you better express your idea, and above all, who can liberate and inspire your imagination and creativity. Typany is the great assistant that we created to help you type anything, anytime and anywhere. Your satisfaction is the ultimate stimulus for our innovation, and in return, we hope our innovation be your inspiration.

Our first priority is to build up the most user-friendly mobile keyboard on this planet. By achieving this goal, we have to put everything desirable in our application. Our excellent technical team provide us with cutting-edge technologies that facilitate our intelligent and customised auto-complete/correction and the accurate and flexible word prediction. We build up a vast vocabulary that is helpful for you to concentrate but also open to your personal preferences.

You are always encouraged to create and improvise when using Typany. With Typany, you can express freely and efficiently and imagine the unimaginable.

Our team care about the need of every single user, no matter how small it is or how difficult it seems. No detail is trivial and no difficulty is impossible for us. We focus on various features apart from basic keyboard input. We add vocal input to our app and are working on its optimisation. We provide a vast and increasing number of customised themes, and encourage you to design your own themes to inspire your creativity.

We have thousands of emojis and innovative stickers to supplement your verbal expression. We hope nothing would be indescribable through our application. By consistent focusing on these features, the Typany team is determined to bring you the keyboard without parallel.

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Typany Keyboard Team

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