Four Fun Facts about Incredible India

OMG! That cannot be real! How can this happen?

India is a land of dreams in which about a seventh of our world’s population resides. What would come across your mind when talking about India? Bollywood? Yoga? Colorful clothes? Heavy traffic? Maybe all of them.

Today is Indian Independence day, we will show you some fun facts about the beauty of “Real and Incredible India“from the perspective of our Indian artist Sandeep Ravikumar. Let’s have a look at “Desi Vibes” stickers (from Typany Keyboard) and walk into daily scenarios in India.

  1. Auto rickshaw

A common form of urban transport in India. But one thing that makes it stand out is overloading issues. Normally more than 10 people would ride in a rickshaw with 3 available seats.

2. Teh tarik (literally “pulled tea”)

A symbolic hot milk tea beverage in India. Its name is derived from the pouring process of pouring back and forth repeatedly between two vessels from a height.

3. Snake charming

A practice of hypnotizing a snake by playing an instrument called pungi or bansuri. Not real! Just magic tricks.

4. Dabbawala

A lunchbox delivery and return system that delivers hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in India, especially in Mumbai. Although the predominantly used transportations are bicycles, dabbawala system is very punctual.

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Typany Keyboard Team