Love Gift & its Gifted Designer

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Typany Keyboard Team puts user experience at its top priority, and there will not be any good user experience without beautiful art design. To achieve this, we aim to search for talented graphic designers across the world in a bid to make Typany the best designed keyboard app ever. One of the best example of our consistent dedication for art design is our superb collection of themes. There is not one word that could summarise the design of our themes as they focus on a great variety of features. Our featured themes range from simple geometry to sophisticated decorations, and from reassuring traditional background to courageous futuristic fantasies. But above all, excellence is what we value, and quality is what we aim to bring you via our well designed themes.

Mr Gifty is one of our fabulous graphic team who contribute to our theme collection. We would like to address him as ‘Gifty’ not only because of his design of our theme named ‘Love Gift’, but also because of his spectacular gift in art design. Born and grown up in the brand new city of Navi Mumbai in India, Gifty has been a productive free-lance graphic designer with over ten years’ drawing experience.

I think it is always top priority to design a keyboard theme with great quality. Quality is what I believe and quality is what I shall maintain. And I think firms like you (Typany) should have a high standard for quality to make sure that the users could have the best service.

Mr Gifty

He is indeed the one who always focus on quality, and his ‘Love Gift’ is an perfect example of his artistic talent and his full consideration for the user’s experience.

Mr Gifty designed the theme ‘Love Gift’ for Typany’s recent campaign for Spring Time Encounter, and it became an instant success with thousands of downloads on Google Play in hours. The picture is clear and simple, and there are no flowery colours or intricate designs, but the image is vivid and powerful. There are only three objects on this image (if you do not count the desk in the background), which is clearly a careful consideration for user’s experience as it will not distract user’s typing while applying this theme. The colours of them are warm and bright, best suitable for couples. Their shapes are well-proportioned and are placed on the desk with balance and harmony. That is exactly what kind of romantic gift you would like to prepare for the one you love, isn’t it?

Gifty has already expressed his potential intention to design a further collection of keyboard themes. And we would be really excited to cooperate with him again to provide you with more themes with great quality.

What is your favourite theme in Typany? The Typany Keyboard Team would like to listen to your voices about our artistic design and perhaps to give you another featured article on your favourite theme and designer next time. So please do not hesitate to contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever means you like.

Typany Keyboard Team