Poll: swipe typing or quick cursor flicks?

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Which one do you prefer: swipe typing or quick cursor flicks?

A. Swipe typing

B. Arguments on both sides

C. Quick cursor flicks

D. Neither, really

You can answer the question by replying either to this post directly, or to the original poll in Twitter.

The Typany Keyboard Team would like to listen to your voices about how we should design our product. Therefore, we would design a variety of polls to ask for your advice on Typany Keyboard. We usually post our polls on Twitter on a daily basis, but would also redirect some of the key questions which we hope you to answer. This week, our featured question is which one do you prefer: swipe typing or quick cursor flicks? We would like to ask this question as the feedback to the quick cursor flicks function that we introduced last week. (What are quick cursor flicks? )

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