Quick Cursor Flicks

Quick Cursor Flicks

Typany’s Solution to Guarantee Your Customised Typing

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User’s satisfaction has always been Typany’s top priority, as we are doing what we can to provide you with the most efficient and customised keyboard app on this planet. Customisation is of vital importance for mobile phone users, as we all have our unique languages, i.e. there is always a set of codes that formulate your own usage of language(s) and distinguish yourself from others. Maybe you think it is nothing, but we do see the necessity to make Typany Keyboard the guardian for your individual preference on your language(s) and ensure your freedom to innovate openly with your smart phones.


The problem:

In everyday usage of mobile keyboard, we come across such situation from time to time: when we need to modify a word, we always need to clear part or the whole of the word and then retype the modified one. Things could be worse if the word happens to be quite long and for some reason you find it difficult to accurately put the cursor to the place you want it to appear. Trust me, it could be quite frustrating…

Well, maybe a little bit exaggerated… But it could happen quite frequently when you are writing a formal email or designing an advertisement slogan and need to reconsider about your choice of words carefully.

Our solution:

To avoid this annoying circumstance, we designed the quick cursor flicks to help you edit your words more easily. With quick cursor flicks, you are allowed to move the cursor backward with a swipe to the left on the keyboard. (Similarly, you can also swipe to the right and move the cursor forward.) Such a swipe is both quicker and more accurate than conventional ways to move the cursor: it is more time saving than a string of consecutive clicks on the backspace, while it is usually more accurate than moving the cursor on the text.

Typany Keyboard Team decides to provide you with quick cursor flicks as we care most about your user experience. It is not only the typing productivity that is our prime concern, but also your experience of expressing freely and effectively. We aim to provide you with the product to break the language barriers and help you communicate better, and most importantly, to provide you with the keyboard app that is designed for you as an individual.

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Typany Keyboard Team