Rubens Cantuni, The Creative Contributor To Our Sticker Collection

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Typany Keyboard Team aims to bring you the mobile keyboard that is not only functional, but also enjoyable. We provide a vast collection of stickers so that you can always find it amusing to type with Typany. As a way to push the cultural and language boundaries, we try our best to make our stickers elegant, funny and easy to understand. This is based on our splendid designer team of talented artists. Our team of graphic designers come from across the globe so that we can bring you with stickers with different artistic styles and various cultural elements.

If you fancy some funny and innovative stickers, then Rubens Cantuni might just be your choice. Born in Italy, now living in California and being crazy about Japanese culture, the multicultural artist possesses great genius, passion and imagination. Being a master of observation and creativity, Rubens’ works are always simple but with great fun. As a lover for popular culture, Rubens is good at turning everyday objects into subtle amusement with no mistake.

He designed two sets of stickers for us, each was both entertaining and innovative. His iconic Soda Cans set was simple but powerful as it reflects his careful observation and colourful imagination of his favourite drink, as he said ‘I thought they could make great characters, considering that empty soda cans can be smashed, cut open, deformed etc, and this could help convey emotions as a sticker pack.’ He also expressed the willingness to design a pizza sticker set as a companion to the soda cans.

He made another success in the Russian Doll series as he unconventionally depicted the dolls as containing customised contents rather than identical smaller dolls inside the bigger one. Such innovation from the traditional stereotype of matryoshka dolls brings great entertainment with the dolls, and makes them more individualised like different characters. We can see the furious doll with flames and the cheerful doll with confetti, for instance. These modified Russian dolls won great popularity among our users as they present traditional cultural in humorous way.

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Typany Keyboard Team