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In the mobile era people tend to make text messages as short as possible. This is partly because it is always too time-consuming to type loads of words in your mobile phones. But sometimes we do need to use our little digital device for more complex purposes. Imagine you are on a train without your laptop and need to send an email to explain a very sophisticated issue to a highly important person. Then you have to take full advantage of your mobile phone to develop a lengthy email with delicate wording (probably a double check as well).

While mobile keyboards have been generally disappointing for long text editing, Typany Keyboard is bringing you a totally different way to edit your long sentences. We name the new function ‘Text Bang’, as it is like a bomb that split every word and sign apart so that you can easily select, copy or delete whatever words (also punctuation & signs) you would like to.

It is very easy to use Text Bang, which is achievable by just pressing the bomb key beside Typany on your keyboard. Yet by splitting the words from each other, it brings you much convenience to modify your sentences. For example, you can select words you would like to copy or delete much more freely and efficiently than conventional word selecting by either double clicking or long press. It also allows you to select words that are not connected to each other, which is simply brilliant.

Of course this is by no means a perfect function at this stage, as there are a few limitations in the current Text Bang. For instance, the function is still a bit too simple. It would be much more useful if it gives thesaurus suggestions to the words you select, or allows you to edit them. Another obvious limitation is that it cannot be used to edit long paragraphs since it is both inefficient and confusing to edit paragraphs on the word-to-word level. What if I am using my mobile phone to write a feature news report? The good news is that we have already planned a further Text Bang version that enables both word editing and long text editing mode on the sentence level. However, we would like to listen to your advice if you have extra need for intensive mobile text editing. So feel free to express your advice, complaint or whatever you would like to say to us as we do need them!

For we this is a great innovation as it breaks the tradition of editing your text on the basic typing interface. Your cell phones will always have limited screen sizes for typing as you expect them to be portable, and such limitation also restrict your typing efficiency. Since the only way to enlarge your effective editing space on your smart phones (and therefore to improve productivity) is to edit text on another interface, Text Bang is a sensible option. It may not be a generally applicable editing tool at once, but we do believe it will prevail with improvements.

What is your advice toward our new feature? Let us know your user experience of Text Bang or what you think about it. We would always like to hear from your advice via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and email. Join Typany Community and help us design the keyboard app that revolutionise your typing experience!

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