Why do we need to create our own emoji?

Sometimes I feel like my IM chats NEED an emoticon. Other times I’m offended when someone DOESN’T include an emoji.

Why is this person being such an asshole? Add a smiley to the text and we’re best buds. After 30 years, emojis are still clutch.

Apple originally introduced emoticons with iOS 4 after a huge number of requests from Japan, and emojis instantly became a classic. Now Apple has unveiled a whole new set of emoticons that have already captured the user’s attention.

According to news sources, 57% of messengers would rather tell a “crush” their true feelings with emoticons rather than — gasp — words.


With the limited characters currently available on iPhones, custom emoji have become incredibly popular, including full sets for Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. Except, we quickly realized, they came with one giant flaw.

We couldn’t actually use them in real life.

Here comes Typany Keyboard, The Emoji Maker of Typany Keyboard somehow makes their way into my conversations.

I can even make my own characters to suit my deepest wishes on my iPhone.

The next wave of Emoji Maker of Typany Keyboard is here.