Counselling for Stage Fright

The first step in counselling for stage fright is to get an understanding of what kind of problem you are dealing with. This will help you to find solutions you need.

Stage fright is a type of performance anxiety where instead of focusing on the presentation or performance, you focus on yourself and your anxiety. It happens due to resisting the anxiety rather than accepting it and working with it. Therefore, counselling helps in getting aware towards the anxiety to take a few steps to calm yourself and to help you shift your focus to the task at hand.

Stage fright is the result of thinking of the situation as a threat. Counselling helps you to take it as a challenge. However, most people just suffer from it and all the limitations and negative emotions it imposes. They either don’t realize that help is available or they fear they can’t be helped. They think it will be too hard. Most importantly, one needs to know that it is treatable.

Counselling helps in addressing any negative beliefs, thoughts and perceptions related to performing or public speaking. It’s often helpful to find out the deepest fears related to being heard or seen by others. It also helps you deal with the perception of being less perfect. Learning to accept yourself and to reconsider the thought about proving yourself to others is the root of healing.

Another aspect is to break the cycle of avoidance. As the event creates so much fear and anxiety that one starts to avoid. Avoidance only gives you temporary relief as later it may reinforce the same fear again. Hence, if you are willing to accept, to manage and to stop avoiding your fears; it will become possible to overcome stage fright. This in return will help in developing trust in yourself and to find comfort and ease in expressing yourself in front of others. More info on

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