Helping Patients with Information

A guide for all

The team worked through some ideas as to how to tackle this project in a way that would be beneficial for the patients. Creating an informational website is nothing really new. In fact there were plenty of websites out there offering information for patients. So how could we do ours differently?

Version 2 Of Homepage
Showing relevant ads based on the section that the user is reading
Interactive map showing doctors around the US based on their specialty

Leading with Hope and Understanding

The content team originally wrote the content to be very informative, however this presented the challenge of understanding our audience. During our review of leads and the questions they asked, we determined that the use of medical terms made the audience feel confused and frustrated. Something they should not be feeling when dealing with such a tough situation.

The Survivor’s Guide gave our audience a little glimpse at the lives of survivors of Mesothelioma



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Joel Lopez

Joel Lopez

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