Typerium partners with global blockchain development group Mobiloitte.

London, 21st December 2018. Typerium, a start-up that aims to revolutionize the lives of creators, has today partnered with global blockchain based development firm Mobiloitte.

According to Statista figures, the number of people buying goods or services online will increase from 1.46 billion in 2015 to over 2 billion by 2020, figures that offer tremendous potential for Typerium’s payment solution.

“Our partnership with Mobiloitte provides us with significant resources to help drive forward development of the Typerium platform. Our vision and commitment to the project remains stronger than ever, and we look forward to both the 2019 platform launch, and to entering into one of the fastest growing markets in the world.” said Alex Haigh, Founder of Typerium.

About Typerium

Piracy is a huge problem for content-creators, Typerium plans to change that forever. In partnership with Mobiloitte, they are building a decentralized content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace geared towards more than 2.4 billion content consumers worldwide. By utilising smart-contracts, Typerium is all set to execute a real world use case for blockchain technology by protecting the intellectual property of content-creators.

About Mobiloitte

Working for more than a decade within the development sector, Mobiloitte is a Full Service Mobile and Web Application Development Group with a unique focus on Blockchain, Apps and Digital. The Mobiloitte Group comprises of more than 500 developers worldwide, and have successfully launched over 5,000 mobile and web based applications within the last 7 years.