Guide: 15 reasonable justifications to vote ‘No’ on same sex marriage

As the postal survey begins, Australians holding traditional values will be tested time and time again on this crucial change of the law.

Pysch! There are no justifications to deny LGBT the vote.

How could you even possibly believe that there are reasonable justifications to not provide fellow Australian’s a fair go?

Marriage equality has nothing to do with religion or traditional family values, duh.

It also has nothing to do with baking people cake, providing services, free speech or safe schools.

I’ll just quote from Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta,

“It is important to remember from the very outset that the postal survey is about whether or not Australians want the legal definition of civil marriage changed to include same-sex couples. It is not a referendum on sacramental marriage as understood by the Catholic Church.”

So be a good Australian, be a good Christian and do the right thing.

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