Decisions, Decisions: Finding the Best Free Video Editor for Me

For all of my video blogs I have been using the free editing suit called VSDC, which is pretty good. It is simple (for a person who has tried many other programs in the past) and had a decent turn around time. Timing is the key thing for me, because I do a daily video blog it means the software has to be quick and painless time-wise. VCDS was doing that, but then is started to slow down. Every time I open the program and start up a project it seems to get slower and slower, the result being I might use something else instead.

So what to do?

There are other programs out there that I have tried, Lightworks being one of the best. It is great, but time intensive and we must remember my rule from above. Now I have narrowed it down to two programs that look good, but will need testing.

The first is a program called Shotcut which is open source and can run on most major platforms (including Linux). I have dabbled with the program and found its filters to be the star of the show so far. You can tint the videos and make them look really nice. After exporting though I thought the quality was a bit off, but that might have been my choice for export and not the program itself.

My second test program is VideoPad which is a lot closer to VCDS in format and a lot easier to learn. I think the conversion of the files might be faster too. Using it I liked that you can add effects, like rotating the video or using a slide to control the volume of the music track with your video. These and a simple layout might make it my go to program, and the exported file was higher definition-but again that might have been settings so we will see.

It is a tough choice, I would rather just stick with what works, but you know how life with software can be these days. Things progress and I need to keep on top of them at every turn. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep writing.

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