Be afraid

Every day I feel it, this flame deep inside me glows

You grab my hand, you grip my skin

The strength within me, it grows

Every moment you call at me, not as a person, but a stray

My paws roughen to the ground below

And suddenly I’m not the prey

Every time you silence me, I hear my voice grow louder

I set my speech free for those who can’t

If I’m a stray then I couldn’t be prouder

I’ll bite the hand that tries to feed me, teeth sunken in your skin

I’ll taste the blood and hear you cry

We are dark and cold; we are Yin

Don’t tell us to smile or look pretty, we are women, not extra decor

We’ll let our hair grow where you hate it most

Let transcendence rise up from our core

We are not house-trained anymore.

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