Seven months

And here I lay wide awake with glazed eyes because you happened to flick across my mind.

All I did was read poetry about love and you’ve stolen my tranquility from 4,242 miles away.

I’m doing so well, and I’m travelling so far without your steps in sync with mine

But then…

as I’m climbing the mountain, I stop to look back down; vertigo kicks in and I feel sick.

I’m suppressing the memories of you yet listening to your music everyday.

Is it because it’s the closest thing to hearing you?

I’m remodelling my life without your presence yet making a habit of brushing my teeth the way you used to.

Is it so I’ll always have a piece of you in my life?

I’m learning to forget yet can’t help but remember that I eat your favourite meal for lunch everyday.

Is it because it’s the closest thing to tasting you?

But wait…

I’m still doing so well and I’m still travelling so far without your hand clasped safely in mine

-I am growing.

So I’ll welcome nights like these,

Where sleep is a rare treasure and pillows soak up salt water.

Because although love poetry was the catalyst,

Here I am writing a poem about love.

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