This is incredibly dishonest, first of all the ad is only ‘particularly gory’ because it shows…
Paul Frantizek

Firstly, I neglect to find how recognizing that it was — in fact — those who associated themselves with the Handel campaign that decided to run the ad and broadcast the violent material is at all misleading.

While the actions of Griffin were reprehensible and she herself is responsible for them, it was not her — nor anyone from or associated with the Ossoff campaign — who decided to broadcast her actions on television for all to see. The Super PAC that produced this ad cannot simply separate themselves from the effects of circulating those graphic images simply because they intended for it to be used as ammunition against their opponents.

Recognizing that a broadcaster is somewhat culpable for the nature of the media they broadcast and the effects that it has is in no way misleading.

However, if you were truly concerned about political attempts to be misleading, you would recognize how fundamentally preposterous it is identify a candidate with the actions of an individual they don’t know or associate with simply because you wish to further a flawed narrative.

Secondly, I have yet to see any attempts from Democratic candidates for Congress to label their opponents as inherently violent by associating them with the furthest fringes of their political party. In such a case, footage of attendees of Donald Trump’s rallies assulting people and Ted Nugent actively threatening liberal politicians would be just as valid.

However, a breif search will tell you that a Democratic candidate has yet to rely on such tactics to combat their unpopularity. Until such examples exist, your false equivalence is nothing more than a false equivalence.

I would not personally be surprised if these scare tactics were effective. Getting voters to vote out of fear, rational or otherwise, is a great way of ensuring electoral success.

However, it does appear quite intellectually hollow that Republican candidates feel the need to rely on such tactics rather than policy itself. I can’t imagine why they would not wish to campaign on their healthcare proposals, for example, rather than simply the baseless demonization of their opposition.

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