I’m sorry, I am not interested in having a discussion where the goalposts are being moved to…
Kady M.

Secondly, I have yet to see any attempts from Democratic candidates for Congress to label their opponents as inherently violent by associating them with the furthest fringes of their political party. In such a case, footage of attendees of Donald Trump’s rallies assulting people and Ted Nugent actively threatening liberal politicians would be just as valid.

My statement was purposely intending to limit the field to the establishment figures on either side, i.e. congressional candidates and party leaders. I am quite aware that it isn’t uncommmon to hear left-leaning individuals to make the comparison of Donald Trump to other fascist leaders. I also recognize that I, nor anyone else, has clout over what they say.

However, I weight the political inclinations of candidates and leaders — seeing as they tend to have platforms and influence over the greater politicians — when it comes to observing rhetoric. Karen Handel, or at least the PAC that created the ad attacking her opponent, has seem to welcome the demonization of liberals that there followers have adopted. This is clear not only in political ads, but also in her conduct at the debates and when speaking of Ossoff.

The establishment acceptance of lower level political methods does not exist in this form on the Democratic side. Certainly, Democratic individuals have made such comparisons and participated in similar demonization. However, there is a lack of such tatics on an establishment level. No Democratic candidate or organization have put out an ad painting Donald Trump supporters as violent right-wingers and used that as a reflection on himself. Nearly all establishment and political criticism of Donald Trump is criticim of Donald Trump alone, not the individuals who follow him. That is the fundamental difference.

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