typWrittr is evolving and has grown to a full product for the last 4 years. With this come a lot of challenges. And with this a new evolutional step is coming.

typWrittr now offers full set of tools available to any newly registered user right from the first day. It was decided that giving a full potential to user is much better than offering something not very visually representative (in a form of just screenshots). The product needs to be seen from day 0 so that in result people wanted to use it.

In order to meet performance issues a heavy upgrade has been made at server side. Some more update to come in close future, but for now two major changes are implemented concerning new and existing users:

  • any already registered user will have the same workspace and features as they were before with no limitations and no extra inspirational theme packs and features available, except cases, when some upgrades were made before. This will remains for unlimited time, but in case one will want to get all extra features, an upgrade option will also be available.
  • any newly registered user will have full set of tools available right from the first day of registration, but with a time and document-per-account limits. It will be given 3 weeks as a testing (trial) period with a limit of 10 documents/books per account. In order to remove them one have to upgrade an account.

Account upgrade is a very simple procedure that requires just a couple of clicks. It is entirely powered by PayPal secured payments.

Also, major changes in index page — it was redesigned to be minimal and reflect the philosophy of the entire typWrittr, and it looks awesome.

The same goes to new “Sign in” page.

With this I would like to with you a lot of inspiration, and a time to write it down.

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