10 Super Cute Animals Who Do Not Want You to Go to Work and Leave Them at Home

You watch a pet at home, this guarantees you that every time you come, you will have someone to care and hug. The animals just can’t wait to see how you enter the front door. For this to happen however, they must first send you to work. They can not imagine why it is necessary to abandon daily. These family members, knows how to make you feel guilty because you are dealing with a shitty job. :)

“But I brought you your favorite toy!”

I can not play a “fetch the ball” from such a distance
Well, you might have to come back to help me and then never to leave me. / Leaving me because you scratch the sofa?
What you can do tables in the office we can roll in the snow? / I will not forget!
You can not walk! I will not let you go! / The saddest combination of eyes and ears that you’ve seen