Why I did not “Like” a single post on Facebook for one Year.
Stefan Natter

I did not stop liking but I tried to comment more posts from friends and numerous pages, too. Also on pages of political parties. But I didn’t get good feedback on this at all. Most of my friends and family members said that I obviously have too much time to comment on Facebook. So it seems to me that people think that likes can be made quick and comments show that the commenting person has not enough to do.

It’s true, that a like doesn’t consume much time. And I don’t mind using time for discussions. But I really was shocked of getting so much negative feedback of commenting on Facebook.

Interesting was also that most of the people are getting really aggressive when your comment doesn’t support their own sights.

After all I was thinking of stopping commenting on Facebook. But I won’t because I think that discussions are important and the people, also my friends and family members, have to learn that there are not just people who support their own sights and like their posts.

Did you also get negative feedback?

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