Gay Marriage is unnatural?

Opposed to Gay Marriage because it’s unnatural? Okay, but lets walk through that argument shall we?

Did your car grow on a tree? Do you live in a House or a Cave? Do people fly from one place to another on an Plane made from numerous metals and plastics artificially formed, reformed, combined, and manipulated by humans, or by jumping really far? Were you born wearing Clothes or Make up? Have you ever had any form of medical treatment that involved anything more than chewing on a flower? Are you reading this on a computer screen of some kind, or has it magically appeared in the clouds due to the awesome power of sky faeries? When cooking your dinner do you use an Oven, or do you just wander around hoping that a local lightning strike will provide the fire you need to stave off food poisoning?

Because if you really think that something being ‘unnatural’ (your definition, not mine) is bad, then every single other aspect of your life is doing nothing but embarrassing you. And frankly, for the species, having to even write this argument down has been embarrassing for all of us.

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