Tech killed the driver

I recently read an article that said Uber was evil because it put hard working, old school, taxi drivers out of jobs. Then, to top it all off, at the end of the article was a sentence that stated that once we were all done being angry about that, then we should start being angry at them for the future too. Predicting that when driverless Cars are a thing that Uber would get rid of drivers entirely. Those swines.

In one sentence that became one of the more short sighted articles on technology I’d read in years.

It doesn’t take a staggering intellect to realise that the death knell has been ringing for Taxi drivers ever since Satellite Navigation became a thing a couple of decades ago. The failure to realise that in the Taxi industry and modernise isn’t the point though. The point is that driving for a living (Sebastian Vettel aside) has about 5–10 years left on the clock.

Van Drivers, Cycle Couriers, Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers, if any of those are your source of income then you need to start re-skilling yourself right now.

Google have been playing with self driving cars for a few years. Amazon made the headlines last year with their delivery drones, and everyone and their dog has been playing with the home versions to spy into the Neighbours bedrooms for the past few Christmases. Your phone knows where you are within a meter, and you can send that information to anyone else by tapping on it. Now join the dots.

Need a Taxi? Fire off an app connected to your car. Your Car now knows exactly where you are and within a few seconds is on it’s way. Live too far away and want something faster? Then pay a bit more for a centralised car sharing service. Farewell taxi industry.

Want to get a package from A-B? Ping a drone, wait 5 minutes as it flies directly to you (assuming you don’t have a couple yourself), pop on your package in and watch it fly off to where you told it to go. No more Cycle Couriers.

You see where this is going

Uber are not a problem, at least not for the technology anyway, you can argue all you like about their ethics if you like. The problem is simple. The Geeks have inherited the earth, and now they’re remaking it, and leaving a lot of people behind in the process.

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