Whatchu know about this life?

What do you know about, I mean really know about:

  • Being completely unable to get out of bed for days straight
  • Not showering for days
  • Seeing hallucinations of your kids dying
  • Cussing out the man you love.
  • That man not being your husband.
  • Thinking day is night, and night is day for over 48 hours.
  • Being unable to care about what you once loved.
  • Inventing storylines in your life based on imagined realities.
  • Irately, yet professionally calling management to the carpet, and having to away from your job for the sake of your sanity
  • Tossing back a bottles worth of shots to keep the anxiety at bay
  • Physically attacking the man you love.
  • Denouncing relationships that appeared indestructible. And being ostracized.
  • Blaming yourself for everything.
  • Trying to tune out the voice in your head that tells you everyone would be better off if you weren’t here.
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