CitySDK wins 2016 API Award for Data

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We’re excited to announce that CitySDK has been named 2016 API Award for the category: Data APIs.

The 2016 API Awards are the API Industry’s largest award event, taking place during the API World 2016 Conference & Expo (San Jose Convention Center), the world’s largest API conference & expo with 3,000 attendees.

The 2016 API Awards received hundreds of nominations, and the API World advisory board selects winners based on three criteria: Reputation in the API Industry, Recent Media Coverage, and Innovativeness of the API initiatives.

"CitySDK is a great example of how more and more of the tech industry is realizing that APIs are not just how we integrate tools and apps, APIs are the new way of doing business and building new revolutionary technologies.” Said Geoff Domoracki, founder of API World.

CitySDK will be given an award at the API World 2016 Award Ceremony.

Come attend the conference and network in the API World Expo with a free Expo PLUS Pass.

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