Choose to be the best at what you do…

There is an old quote that says “if you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, don’t drag your feet” very loosely translated; in the world we live in today if you not the best you simply a nobody. 250 000 kids come of high school every year playing basketball but only five make it to the NBA, what a sad statistics . What makes the 5 so spectacularly successful? “They simple choose to be the best and develop their talent every day.” The law of 10 000 hours suggests that if you put in the hours to practice whatever you do, you will be part of the top 1 percent in your field. Well I strongly believe that in the business world it takes more than 10 000 hours but nevertheless your number 1 priority should be aiming to be part of top one percent of your field or industry. I don’t wait for moods because I want to the best; you accomplish nothing if you do that

How do you become the best?

1. GROWTH — If you are not growing you are dying but the good thing is you are not dead yet. You should evaluate yourself every day before you sleep. Simply ask yourself “what did I learn today that I didn’t know before?” and never go to bed before learning something new.

2. CHANGE — always adapt to change quickly and faster than your competitors. Get the latest technology to help you. Apple lost market share to Samsung because they took long to introduce a LARGER screen. Always ask yourself “what are my competitors doing, what’s happening in other countries” change in meaningful productive ways.

3. INNOVATION — always ask yourself how you can be better, do things much easier and much faster. Come up with ideas and implement them; you never know it could have the effect of a dynamite. Pele who is rated the best footballer of all times invented the bicycle kick and up to today footballers still do it. When you do a common thing in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world.

4. DON’T COMPETE JUST DOMINATE- Competition is overrated; always stay ten times ahead of everyone else. You need to be so good at what you do so that there’s you then everybody else. Be so disruptive so such a point that if someone thinks about your field you names pops up e.g. real estate Donald Trump/Hugh Hilton and media Ted Turner

The problem in today’s world is that people are content with where they are so they relax. They are fine being second options; they are fine being a loser. I hate being mediocre so I aim to be the best. There is no glory that comes with being number 2. Nobody even remembers everyone else; only the best. Being the best has many benefits especially being paid what you are worth