“I think it means ‘cool breeze’ in Hawaiian” - Rell Williams, Keanu

So yesterday a new teaser poster came out for John Wick 2. If you haven’t seen the first one, then stop reading this and go do it straight away. ‘But Tyrone I’m drinking my coffee in the morning’ or ‘I’m on FB in the office, hiding the fact that I’m not doing work from my boss’. Just Do It!

Okay well now that everyones caught up on John Wick I’m sure we all can say we need a little more of that Dog loving assassin in all our lives, I mean did you see that time he did all that Gun Fu and shot that guy in the face. Yeah defos one of the best face shots I’ve seen in my life. I’ve seen my fair share I should know.

So the poster just has the Reeve’s man himself looking dapper and menacing in equal measure. Keanu doesn’t just mean cool breeze to me he is the epitome of cool.

I didn’t want to just be like Keanu Reeves when I was growing up, I wanted to be him. I would beg and plead my parents from the earliest of ages to allow me to watch each and every movie he did. I mean he was apart of some of the coolest action films ever. I’m talking Speed, Point Break, Johnny Mnemonic (Yeah I saw that one, not really worthy of the the top of the list but I mean come on that title though) and The Matrix.

He was my hero the guy from your favourite films that you wanted to be. Like my generations Luke Skywalker in the form of Neo. He made me want to liberate myself from the Matrix, look outside the norms and constructs of society, also who doesn’t want to just plug into a computer have a mental fit and say ‘I Know Kung Fu’ nonchalantly. Don’t get me started on the shooting guns while doing back flips thing.

As an actor he might not have the greatest range and often people think he is fairly blank. Robotic blank, like he can’t act blank. But once again I think I’ve stumped you there because I believe Keanu is able to be so pan faced that he is almost like a living Avatar in every film, with you being able to vicariously live each film as he is you. This is really deep film theory stuff, I’ve thought about writing dissertations about this Keanu element. Yet again I think he’s acting is another reason we love him.

I say we as it wasn’t just me he made an impression on. I mean that top quote is from Key and Peele’s first film which is basically one giant loving joke to Keanu and John Wick. There are songs that are about him, take a listen to Shortstraw’s appropriately titled ‘Keanu Reeves’: . Countless memes are made by thousands of millennials with him either on a park bench or as Ted from another gem of a film that I only found once I was much older. People write about him online and the life he has lead to this point, the struggles he faced and the misfortune he endured, yet he still keeps his humility.

This post is a bit irreverent and silly but it’s about something I’m super passionate about. Keanu Reeves. I can’t wait for John Wick 2 and whatever else he is involved in because to me he is the Coolest he is Keanu!