The BFG’s

No this isn’t a take on the Roald Dahl story but rather a look at the Big F**king Giants we all have in our lives. I’m talking about those fears which manifest themselves into metaphoric monsters in your mind. The call you are to scared to make, the adventure your anxious about exploring or the person you’re too scared to pursue.

They are fears which are brought about through years of programming our selves in certain ways to care about failure, rejection and embarrassment. These fears are mental mountains that we all see in our path. More often then not when we realise they’re in front of us we turn around, we leave it for tomorrow which becomes the next tomorrow etc. We fail to face them, climb them, overcoming them and move on better for having placed the effort into doing something.

Now facing these giants isn’t going to be solved by just facing one and then magically being able to face them all with ease, no. It takes effort each and every time. You need to commit yourself to Fight because you’ve been choosing Flight for far to long. You need to make a habit of pulling into that fear when your stomach drops and you feel that pit of unease. Just do without thinking. Make a move towards your fear and then make the next move and so forth. Do it till you have struck that certain fear in that moment in time down. Once standing over it as a conquerer look back and think was that all that I feared. Most of the time we built it up so much in our minds that the reality of the situation is a lot less complex and well scary.

Remember that Hercules is known in Mythology not just for his strength alone. He is remembered because of the monsters he faced, those which instilled a thousand fears in many men. He faced these monsters and slayed them.

So go out today and find those Big F**king Giants that lurk in the back of your minds, challenge them and begin creating your own legend.