Create Something New Everyday for a Month: Part 11

I was one behind after Friday night so tonight I had to make it up with a two-fer. I actually had some additional cover ideas after watching UNC succeed in making it to the Final Four, Go Heels!

For these I don’t feel strongly about any of them, but I do appreciate that I was trying to design outside of my comfort zone. I just let whatever ideas popped in to my head get turned in to actual designs. Each one is a riff on something inspirational I saw today or a synthesis of multiple elements from the NASA ’76 guide but to be honest I don’t think they work. Honestly I try not to be afraid to throw ideas out there because what I really want are additional opinions. You can’t design in a bubble and you are generally not your own customer and even if you are other opinions are helpful. Especially in a situation like I am in now and doing early comps to really find the right direction and then evolve that idea.

This is the take random ideas and visions in my brain, make them real and then solicit opinions. Usually people’s feedback matches your own hunches or feelings but you can be surprised. Again, I don’t love any of these but I am proud that they are very different from any of the past covers I have designed.

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