Nice article and video, Tyson!
Bill Hinchen

Thanks for reading :)

Clarence and I have both had formal coaching but are both largely self-taught. However, I wouldn’t be the lifter I am today if it wasn’t for the great tips, advice, programs and discussions I’ve had with experienced coaches and lifters.

Olympic lifting is always worth the time. It improves mobility a great deal and develops real POWER! It is true that Olympic lifting has a steep learning curve and that is why a coach is recommended. I think a coach is definitely your best bet if you want to learn Olympic lifting and there are now Olympic lifting coaches that operate on-line if you can’t find one in your community. If for some reason you can’t access a coach in your community or on-line then that is no reason to neglect such an amazing movement; you can use the internet to watch other lifters and compare it to your own footage to improve, there’s also books on the technique you could read. In summary, a coach is definitely the best option but not having access to one shouldn’t stop you.

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