My Return to computers! Part 1

After my failed attempt to want to study Economics in University Of Jos through A-level,I soon started hearing about institutes such as NI IT and Aptech and how if you attend a training with them ,you would definitely get a job that would pay you at least 250,000 per month . Hmm who wouldn’t want that? After inquiring and all,I knew it would be an impossible task to convince my mum that it would be money well spent .So I had now gotten a small understanding that it was no longer about studying economics, accounting or one of those popular Nigerian courses.The Era of computers had come .

(The terminator movie did a good job teaching me how computers were definitely going to take over the world )

Even though I was an art class student ,it was time I started to lean towards a future by first getting admission to study something computer related .

The opportunity came when a friend of mine told me about going to India to study as it was the IT hub of the world .After a couple of hard research, I found someone who helped me secure admission in Hyderabad or more like the person found me .The time came and he showed me the course options-my choice was commerce and computers (Fast-forward me to 2015 and the only question people ask me is “what is commerce and computers?”).

I joined Bhavans Vivekananda College and my first class was C-language. I assumed the “C” was an acronym for computers so yeah I called it “computer-language” before the first class .

That’s me in the pink shirt!

Now it was time for the real school and all I saw on the board during the C-Language class was my face singing on the board ,or a movie playing in High-definition, oh God ! I couldn’t understand a thing .There was also the rumor of commerce and computers as not a course for the meek .So the only thought that kept playing in my head was” Quickly!go change departments fast? How am I going to cope? ”.Glad i didn't give that thought room as I soon met a Tanzanian friend “Haji Katera” who guided me through most of the courses I did in first year college and somehow by the end of first year C,had become quite easy for me but then I had made up my mind “if I was giving a choice to pick between the commerce side or the computer's side, it would definitely be the commerce. NEVER COMPUTER'S!!FINAL DECISION “.That decision closed my eyes to a lot .Each time I got a free invite to learn one programming tool, I ran far, I crammed enough to get me good grades and forgot everything after exams .I kept running till no one could catch me because I had embraced my commerce side with a bit of IT swag. I had done more than enough especially with the kind of certifications I had done over the past 3 years. I was ready to come home and to get me that job that would pay me 250,000 NGN per month that I always heard about and wanted.

It was time to come back home to Nigeria.Stay tuned for the next chapter in this 3 or 4 chapter story.Cheers!!