I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

I will start off by saying that I am a conserative. I am also a student at a local two-year college. I know that a lot of my teachers lean left, but I take it with a grain of salt. One of my favorite teachers when I started taking classes years ago was a bleeding heart liberal who taught American Federal Government. He was also one of my favorite teachers because he loved to teach and had perfected his craft. Yes, I feel that teaching is an art and a craft when you can make students learn without them realizing it. He’s also the reason I’m conservative. I didn’t agree with his positions and I wanted to prove him wrong, so I dug in and did my own research to justify my views to him. He made me think for myself. He was also an adjunct at the time.I also know that a lot of my teachers now are adjuncts just getting paid by the semester. When I leave feedback on my courses, unless they were absolute buttheads to deal with, most of my feedback revolves around organization. Some teachers are organized like a Prussian military regiment, others like a Chinese fire drill. The better the class is organized, the less room there is for lazy students to try and wiggle around in. Keep making your students work for those ‘A’s. The ones that work for them will appreciate you.

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