In Sickness
Sara Mauskopf

This is a timely article, as my wife is on her third battle with cancer.It also means her third time with chemo. We have become seasoned veterans in this fight, my wife even talks to people facing cancer for the first time about what to expect and how to relieve their fears. Before she started this round , we went on a family roadtrip that we had been talking about for years. Being cooped up in van and sleeping in cramped hotel rooms was the best time we have had in a long time. You are absolutely correct when you speak of enjoying the mundane things. Last night we enjoyed a family trip to a Mexican restaurant without my wife dealing with nausea. Couples that survive the “sickness” part of wedding vows become a lot stronger for it, I know we have. When your husband finishes his last treatment, gets a clear CT scan, and hears the word remission, go out and celebrate and enjoy life like no one else can! Sending prayers of peace and blessings to you and your family and prayers of no nauseal for your husband. God Bless.

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