Verge Escapement

A recreation of Denison’s Double legged escapement

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to try and make something with a pendulum/swinging motion.

So I chose to replicate Denison’s Double legged escapement.

My materials started with some straws and paper. But I realized I needed more items, such as pipe cleaners, string, and the items that acted as the weight.

I feel like the pipe cleaners added much needed support.

The separate parts

  • The rotating section (each side was made an origami ninja star and held together with some tape.)
  • The legs (a straw stuck inside another straw and held together with a pipe cleaner)
  • The rod and weight (rod: straws inside straws and a piece of string is holding it together. Weight: binder clip and chapstick)

At the end, I think my escapement’s main problem is the rotating section. It doesn’t stay in place and it’s too small.

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