Nannette Powell Reviews Tyson Zahner

Tyson Zahner is a serial entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, and creator of the course Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days. Zahner’s course gives individuals the tools they need to attract leads and win sales in their small businesses. The methods Tyson teaches can be accomplished without a lot of technology knowhow or expensive software. Many of his students see results soon after implementing his techniques (read those reviews here). At 17, Tyson opened his first business making snow cones. Today, he is the owner of Tyson Zahner Photography as well as multiple digital endeavours. He often releases videos with important tips on attracting leads online. Watch below as Nannette Powell shares her review of Tyson Zahner’s program.

Tyson Zahner Review

I didn’t have anybody left to talk to and so I decided that the best thing I could do with my time was to market online. Well, I guess I’m a little bit more of a dinosaur than I expected because I had a really difficult time learning all of this online marketing and I did actually look at a couple of other classes before joining up with Tyson. I took three other online marketing classes and they were either way over my head or they were not meeting my needs, they were too basic and so I struggled quite a bit. I even struggled just a little bit with the technology part in the beginning.

I found that with Tyson’s method of teaching I was able to easily understand the instructions that he gave. He’s very thorough. Everything is documented, step-by-step instructions, and his response time when there’s a problem is I bet you’re just wondering what I gained from this class.

Before, as I said, I had nobody to talk to. I had no one to discuss my business with or sell my products to and in … Gosh, it’s been less than a month, I’d say two to three weeks maximum, I’m getting about 30 people contacting me every day just by following the instructions that Tyson has given me and so I would strongly recommend him if you’re considering becoming a student of his. I don’t think it’s anything that you’ll regret.

Tyson Zahner is the attraction marketing mastermind behind the program, Attract 100 leads in 30 days.

Tyson Zahner is the attraction marketing mastermind behind the program, Attract 100 leads in 30 days.