This month, I started a new job at Evolution Virtual. It was a big deal for me, because I had been working at Aloompa for over five and a half years. At my former job, I had been 80% remote before Covid and 100% remote afterward. My new job is completely remote as well.

As I approached my first day on the job, I started thinking about patterns and routines that I had developed both personally and within my family over the past many years. …

I absolutely love it when I can use two separate libraries together seamlessly. One great combination I have found is with the Styled-Components visual primitives and a functional programming utility library called Ramda.

The place where this can really shine it when you are using Styled-Components to pull in dynamic values from your theme. An example of this might be:

const Container = styled.View`   
background-color: {props => props.theme.primaryBackgroundColor};

Using the StyleProvider, you can use this to pass down whatever theme object you like, which is really one of the most powerful features of Styled-Components.

Unfortunately, by making an inline…

Tyson Cadenhead

JavaScript is Art

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