Project Oak Leaf

Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time

Last week 72 more school children in Guildford, Surrey, UK could identify an oak leaf, possibly 50 more than the previous week. It’s not likely to solve world problems just yet, but it’s a start and a small yet significant success for this project. As is writing my first post in Medium, which I intend to continue, one acorn at a time.

The children enjoyed my online story and video, I play with these publications and regularly tweak (collaborations welcomed). They were even more excited running through the leafs, collecting them and actually finally taking notice of the oak tree in their own school grounds.

I’m not a writer particularly, but a disillusioned and even delusional teacher passionate about connecting kids back to nature. My friend, Jacqueline Anne Cowhig #saidthedoormouse, is a writer though, she shared this on her Facebook page about Project Oak Leaf:

‘Proof that we can all make a difference, please share and get behind #projectoakleaf which is a project with global not just local aims, yet another of Jane Tyson’s brilliant initiatives with no help from any organisation or support from any local authority.

This is grassroots action, in action not words.

Think a bit bigger and broader than Woking or Guildford, than Surrey, than the UK.

Think of the Small Blue Dot and what you personally can do to help before we’re all trying to join Elon and escape to Mars.

Woking people please consider joining Woking LA21 which runs myriad biodiversity and eco-preserving schemes and needs your support but if there’s no such group in your area, why not set one up?’

Project Imagined in Thortspace via Andrew Bindon

Do you have a project you are involved with that you would like to share?

‘Mums are more likely to be able to solve world problems if they grow their connections, expand their conversations, clarify how they can contribute to solving world problems, make better choices, develop skills that will help them be more effective, and coordinate with other mums and others to achieve their goals’ rama.dasaratha: Addit Together

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