Fat Loss Tip # 3

Stop Eating At Night

This one was extremely hard for me when I first started trying to lose fat because I was a big night time snacker. I used to be good all day and then when I’d finish dinner that’s when the problems happened. I would snack on chocolates and biscuits and drink milk because I wanted “dessert”.

When I was a kid I got dessert every night and so I was still habitually wanting to have something sweet even though I was trying to be good.

So I set a rule about closing the kitchen. After I have my dinner, I have two tablespoons of greek yoghurt because it’s cold and reminds me of dessert and then I close the Kitchen.

My rule is that I don’t eat or drink after 6pm, PERIOD.

Setting a clear rule for yourself about when to stop eating and “closing the kitchen” will stop the late night snacking.

Pro Tip 1 — Set a strict deadline time for when the kitchen is closed.

Pro Tip 2 — If you’re like me and crave dessert swap your chocolate or ice cream for a few tablespoons of greek yoghurt and some frozen berries.

Pro Tip 3 — If you’re still finding yourself craving food after dessert, try and have a non-caffeinated tea.