Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

What if I told you there’s one surefire way that can help you:

  • Trim stubborn belly fat.
  • Improve your digestion.
  • Help you look better.
  • Gain More Muscle

Well, there’s more than one way to do that, but my favourite method to help my clients get lean is an approach called Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent Fasting has become more and more popular over the years and for a good reason.

Guys are getting amazing results from it, both in terms of losing stubborn belly fat and also gaining lean muscle.

I first started trying fasting back in 2014 when I was weighing in at my heaviest and the results I got were incredible.

Not only did I lose stubborn belly fat,

  • I gained lean muscle,
  • My digestion improved,
  • I increased my strength a
  • My energy throughout the day was a lot better.

I’ve been on an off fasting for the last few months, but I keep returning to it because it’s just so powerful.

Today I’m going to share with you exactly what intermittent fasting is and how you can use it.

What is intermittent fasting

When people think of fasting we think of not being able to eat or drink anything and that’s NOT what this is.

Intermittent fasting simply means for a certain time throughout the day you don’t eat, and for a certain time of the day, you do eat.

Intermittent Fasting doesn’t determine what you eat it just determines when you should eat.

Intermittent fasting can start from 14 hours of not eating, all the way up to 24 hours and beyond and there’s no specific answer as to which you should do (although the longer you fast, the less likely you are to eat more food) but a longer approach seems to work quite well for guys trying to trim the fat.

An ancient method

Since this has recently become such a popular diet that people use it’s not that new.

We’ve been intermittent fasting since we were cave men.

When you think back to our primal times we never had access to refrigerators or cereal which mean we had to hunt for our own food.

This means we may not have been able to find any type of food for a few days or we would be very active in the morning trying to hunt and forage for food before we ate.

That’s why our bodies have adapted over time to be able to function so well without the need for food every few hours and we can last for long periods of time without food (this actually causes us to start using fat as a fuel source).

How It Helps With Losing Stubborn Belly Fat

The reason Intermittent fasting is extremely effective for helping guys lose stubborn fat is that it restricts you from times you are eating during the day.

When you restrict yourself for longer periods of time to not eat (let’s say 16 hours) you’re less likely to eat as much food in the 8 hours you do eat vs if you would just eat normally all day.

I’ve found for myself and a lot of guys struggle to eat smaller portion meals throughout the day because it doesn’t fit in with their work schedule and they never really feel satisfied with smaller meals.

If you’re like me I would rather eat a bigger meal a few times a day and feel fuller for longerand that’s why IF can be so helpful with weight loss.

When you eat a bigger meal throughout the day, you’re less likely to be craving other foods because your body is going to be full and you’re not going to be feeling peckish throughout the day.

Intermittent Fasting is also powerful because it fits in with your lifestyle.

Since it’s only a guideline of when to eat you get to pick the times you’re going to eat and the times you’re going to fast.

If you’re a busy guy who’s always tied up at work and never has time to eat, then this could work extremely well for you.

Most people just aren’t that hungry at breakfast anyways so skipping the first meal is usually pretty easy.

Are there different types of fasting?

Like I said earlier that there are many different ways that you can do Intermittent Fasting.

This is good because once you experiment with the different approaches you can find out which way is going to be most beneficial for you.

If you are someone who likes to eat more food in a shorter time period than doing a longer style of intermittent fasting will be more suitable.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong method (unless you don’t fast) but here are a few of the common methods that are out there.

LeanGains -

Martin Berkhan (the author of,) is where this method first got popularised.

The lean gains method is when you fast for 16-hours and then is followed by an 8-hour period of eating.

So if you stopped eating at 7 pm at night you wouldn’t eat until 11 am the next day.

This is a great starting point for people who’re just wanting to learn the ropes and experiment with it.

(I tend to do longer than the lean gains approach, I like to do about 18–20 hours of fasting followed by a shorter eating period but there’s no right or wrong.)


There’s a great book called Eat Stop Eat which breaks this down even further, but here’s the gist.

You fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week.

For example, after finishing dinner on one night (8 pm) you would not eat until dinner the next night ( 8 pm)

I like to use this approach once a month.

I would recommend you do this if you’ve over eaten or gone on a binge the day before, or you plan on going to have a big meal the next day (around the holiday season etc).

This way it allows you to do a full 24 hour fast, go and have your meal and not have the negative effects of weight gain that occurs when you eat too much.

There are many more styles of intermittent fasting diets out there, but these two seem to be the most popular and they’re easy to get your head around first of all.

The easiest way to get started

I suggest starting with a simpler version of the lean gains approach and trying it for 14 hours a day.

So if you finish dinner tonight at 8 pm don’t consume anything (except water) until 10 am the next day.

Do this on a day that you’re going to be busy because it’s going to help take your mind off food and help you forget that you’re trying to avoid eating.

Try it for a month and see how your body reacts, I guarantee u that you will start seeing the stubborn fat disappear, you will have more energy and feel great.


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