The Only Supplements You Need

I’m not here to tell you that you should focus on your diet first because you know that and how you spend your money is your choice.

However, you want to make sure you’re spending your money on the right supplements and not just throwing it down the drain or handing it over to an Instagram fitness influencer who has money on their mind.

So here’s a list of supplements you should take…

1. Protein Powder

Why? It helps with muscle repair, increases your overall protein intake and tastes pretty damn good. Protein powder is a convenient choice to help get more protein in during the day if you aren’t able to eat enough or if you’re running around on your feet and don’t have time to eat. It can be taken anywhere and is easy to use (especially when you don’t feel like cooking).

It won’t make you big and it won’t make you bulky. If that were the case, there would be a lot more guys and girls walking around with bulging with muscle (I wish this was me). You never want to buy a cheap protein powder because most of them are full of fillers and additives. So just trust my recommendations.

2. Creatine

Why? Creatine will help with your strength gains (not by a lot), but you will be able to do an extra rep or two of a given exercise.

Creatine is not essential, but it has been the most researched out of all supplements and is proven to work. If you eat a lot of red meat then you’re probably getting enough, but if you want to supplement for the sake of it then you can. Creatine will not cause any kidney problems like you may have heard and it’s very safe.

Keep in mind that creatine will cause you to store more water in your muscles. This means you may gain 1–2kg (2–5lbs) in the first few weeks. Don’t stress out if this happens to you and you think you’ve put on weight. It’s just your muscles being able to store more water and get bigger.

How Much?

One 5g dose daily is enough and you can mix it in with any drink you choose. I usually add it to my morning smoothie. Creatine is also extremely cheap and all you need is normal creatine monohydrate. Don’t be fooled by websites or supplement companies trying to sell you some “special blend” of creatine.

3. Caffeine

Why? It gives you energy, focus and can kill appetite when dieting.

Caffeine is the gift that keeps on giving. Out of all supplements, this is my favourite!

The focus, and energy you can get from caffeine is great. Those days you don’t feel like going to the gym or have low energy you can have a hit of caffeine to give you the drive you need.

You can get caffeine from coffee, green tea, black tea, pre-workouts and energy drinks. I used to be against pre-workouts (and still mostly am) but if that’s what you need because coffee isn’t strong enough then go for it.

Just be aware of the time you’re having caffeine because if you’re a high responder and it makes you buzz for hours, it’s best to take it before midday so you can still sleep that night. Drinking a pre-workout or strong coffee at 5 pm is not worth a good workout if it just messes with your sleep.