Beat the Drifting Habit with Prayer

Photo by Breanna Galley

Drifting. What is it and how do you avoid it?

Drifting is the trap, wormhole or vicious cycle of distracting yourself and keeping your mind busy with vices such as food, entertainment, drama and drugs rather than engaging the tasks and activities that you know you ought to do to achieve your most meaningful goals.

Napoleon Hill described drifting as a tactic used by the Devil to control people and keep them under his influence. This makes great sense. If there is a Devil, it would be wise of him to keep your mind busy with pleasurable activities like eating, drinking and watching TV. When your mind is busy, that’s where your energy is focused — in your mind. When the majority of your energy is in your mind, that keeps your awareness and energy from being in the rest of your body. Lacking energy and awareness in your body keeps you from having an open heart, being intuitive and feeling grounded; all God-like qualities that are felt in the body. Instead, with too much of our energy focused in our minds we tend to become overstimulated, causing us to be anxious, irritable, depressed and confused; far less desirable qualities that do not help us achieve our goals, and often influence us to do more of the things that led us to these feelings in the first place.

To feel fulfilled, achieve our goals, have excellent relationships and love ourselves, it is important that we develop the self-awareness to know when we’re drifting, when we feel the inclination to drift, and how we can focus our energy elsewhere to create good feelings in our body that empower us to continue evolving in the direction of our highest, most grounded desires rather than our immediate, distracting, monkey-brain desires.

One of my best practices for developing greater self-awareness, keeping my energy in my body and beating the drifting habit is setting intentions and praying for my actions.

Set Intentions and Pray for Your Actions

Setting intentions for your daily actions and activities keeps you mindful of everything you do. When you step into your kitchen tonight to prepare dinner, verbally set the intention of becoming more grounded, confident, clear-headed, intuitive, or whichever quality or feeling it is that you’d like to cultivate. Before you eat your meal, pray that it nourishes your mind, body and soul, stimulates your senses and makes you a stronger, more powerful, more loving person. By speaking out-loud the intention of how you would like to feel, you bring energy and awareness towards body feeling, rather than allowing yourself to spend too much time absorbed by your thoughts. Speaking your intentions and desires out-loud is a great method for externalizing your thoughts and bringing a new perspective to the way you are thinking and feeling, rather than allowing yourself to slip into the drifting habit of negative thought-patterns.

We all want to feel intelligent, confident, grounded and intuitive, but I do not expect I will achieve that feeling without physically expressing that I would like to feel that way. In the past, it has been far too easy for me to just silently wish for these qualities. If there is a devil, that is surely what he would like for me to do — silently wish I was better.

I am writing this piece on the second day of seven day commitment to write 1000 words per day. Before beginning, I set the intention to express myself in a way that catalyzes me to feel higher levels of genius, consciousness, freedom, clarity and groundedness and for it to become more effortless to receive epiphanies, inspiration, downloads, creative breakthroughs and evolutionary ideas each day. By setting this intention, I have brought my focus and awareness to how I desire to feel and my energy is being used to achieve these feelings, rather than to feed the old thought-patterns of “I wish I was a better writer, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to write, I’m frustrated, etc”. Where your focus goes, energy flows!

When you’re speaking, you’re praying.

When you’re speaking, you’re praying. I say this because wether you’re having a conversation with someone, thinking about yourself in your head, bowing your head to give gratitude for a meal or singing along to song on the radio, you are influencing your subconscious mind — a part of you that is largely vulnerable to being influenced to feed the drifting habit. There is not much of a difference between speaking out-loud to a friend and speaking out-lout to God by your bed. If God is listening to you when you’re “praying” he’s listening to you when you’re not. So is your own mind.

So remember, when you are speaking, you are praying. The words we use have physiological feelings associated with them, and they are powerful. They can feed a drifting habit, or can keep you in alignment with achieving your greatest desires. Use your words as a powerful tool. Do not be used by them. I choose to believe that the words I speak (all of them) bring me closer to my desires, closer to truth and closer to love. With this belief, I have become very conscious and deliberate with the words I use and intend for them to continue to propel me to unavoidable success and Genius.