Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?
Emma Lindsay

hey, I really like your stuff on here. and I agree *a lot* about how most eligible (20s-30s) men seem like boys who don’t try and don’t have their shit together. I’ve many a rant about how I don’t understand how women go out in public, looking good, with a kid who looks like he skateboarded over in the tshirt he slept in.

However, I do want to at least nod in agreement with a few other commenters here. SF is not the world (as a former person who lived there when single) and you shouldn’t think it represents even the average urban environment. annnddd, just to be a little snarky, all these different sorts people you’ve had these difficulties with do have something in common: you chose to date them. I completely admire your list of ‘when I date an X sort of person, I learn about X issues’… but maybe just relax and have fun — and if they aren’t giving you the fun back, move on without creating a new manifesto.

Again, I read your stuff and admire your point of view. would love to hang out and be your wing man in meeting people. good luck.

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