I was asked to re-lyric a song for an audition. I didn’t get into the production, but I quite like what I’ve done. If anybody’s up for performing this in a revue please record it and let me know!

The original song is “I want it all” from Baby the musical.


Scene: A small room. Three people, A, B and C, sit alongside each other, in a semi-circle, AA-style. C is in the middle while A is on stage right, and B on stage left. They are in an LGBT support group, and are sharing their experiences.

(Off-stage VO)…

What if I die tomorrow

The mellow spring breeze over my dead body

Carrying away my soul

Riding into the sunset or something like that

I hope I smiled, dying without too much pain for you might pity me

In the final hours of my life

Take whatever I have for they never last

Use them for your good for you never last

Lie me down in a grass field by the sea

On a sunny day, or whenever is convenient

Give me a hole, a home to share with bunnies and worms

Let me rest with the sounds of…




I was working on an university project with some course mates when I had this conversation. My course mate said:

“I don’t understand this design with APIs; why don’t we just make life easier for them and allow them to directly create objects in <framework in language X> and send them over the internet?”

Strangely enough, while our “Internet Systems” module introduced SOAP (a way to implement an API) and how to use it, many of my course mates did not understand the idea of what an API is or how it works. So over WhatsApp, I used this analogy…

Timothy Choi

Programmer, Student

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